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CDX - type III (AC / DC) magnetic particle detector
2015/6/12 阅读次数:[1445]
CDX - type III (AC / DC) magnetic particle detector
CDX-Ⅲ multifunction magnetic particle flaw detector adopts AC magnetization based magnetic yoke to detect ferromagnetic partswhich is equipped with four type probes. This equipment applies to various kinds of work pieces, also as partial flaw detection of large-scale parts. Both externally applied method and residual magnetic method can be used. It adopts SCR noncontacting switch so as to reduce noise and extend life. Small in size and light in weight, with high lifting force and adjustability of joints, it is especially suitable for flaw detection of downhand weld, fillet weld, pressure vessel, pipe and other complex shaped parts. As its output voltage is low, it is excellent for high-voltage-forbidden detection situation.